E-Commerce Fulfillment by Sumac3PL

Plan II: e-Commerce Fulfillment by Sumac3PL PLUS


Sumac3PL is a third party logistic program that helps you bring your goods into our USA warehouse in California for ready to ship storage. Let us create new sales channel revenue for your company through our ecommerce connections.
  • We Import your Products into the USA
  • New USA Sales Channels for your company
  • Located in the USA and China for Full Service Help


  • No Subscription fee
  • No long term storage fee
  • Low fulfillment cost
  • Multiple marketplaces fulfillment
  • Big saving on office and warehouse overhead


  • Low Inventory Fee
  • No Monthly Fee
  • No Long-Term Fee
  • Improved Product Flow
  • California Office and Warehouse
  • China Office and Warehouse
  • Professional Product Listings
  • Professional Product Photography
  • Dedicated Sales Professionals
  • Market Research to achieve highest selling pricing
  • Dedicated Customer Satisfaction
  • We enter your products into USA Market’s Most Popular Sales Channels
  • Every time your product sells, we comply with Sales Channel’s requests, we pick, pack and quickly ship direct to customer to give great customer service
  • We can help you fulfill your FBA


Sumac3PL has high expectations for our own performance to meet the needs of our mutual customers and grow with us. By using the best practices here and adhering to the expectations, you will be primed to succeed on our platform.


  • Technical infrastructure improvements and integration enhancements allowing accuracy on order processing
  • Automate live inventory decrementing and sending inventory feed and order status
  • Automatic processing of inbound orders that drop directly to a warehouse, scan guns to mark items shipped


  • Pull orders and decrement inventory live enabling continuous order processing, picking and shipping
  • Automate shipping label processing, 3rd party billing and pull shipping labels using API


  • Practice First-in-First-Out – order received first, would be fulfilled first
  • Register pickups for all orders as soon as they are ready
  • Adhere to shipping carrier tender guidelines and stage before the Must-Ship-By date (MSB)
  • Flexible – ship with all carriers for small Parcel orders as well as Large Parcel